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Delta Environmental Centre

Victory Park is situated on the Parkhurst side of Delta Park, virtually between Delta Park and the Johannesburg Botanical Garden. Victory Park is one of the oldest and more trendy suburbs in Johannesburg, with lots of trees and exceptional bird life.

Homes in Victory Park are large and sit on fairly big estates and the neighbourhood is quiet and undisturbed for its location. You are spoilt for choice in the evenings as Greenside, with its myriad haunts and pretty setting, Parkhurst with its trendy eateries and village lifestyle, Rosebank and its lively nightlife, and Hyde Park shopping centre are all within a sedate enough driving distance not to feel as if you have driven halfway across the city.

Delta Park in Victory Park is home to the Delta Environmental Centre and the Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary. It is a popular spot for dog walking, biking and ambling. Johannesburg Botanical Garden, situated on the south western parameters of Victory Park, hosts Summer Sunset Concerts which often bring huge crowds to this part of town.

Victory Park Shopping Centre is conveniently located on the corner of Rustenburg Road and 2nd Avenue in Victory Park and features a wide range of convenience stores, health, beauty, fashion, art and book shops, computer and electronics stores as well as restaurants and fast food options. There are two access points to the centre and loads on parking, both on grade and in the basement.

Map of Victory Park

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