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Lonehill is a suburb of Sandton situated in Johannesburg to the east of Fourways on the outskirts of Bryanston. The suburb of Lonehill is one of the larger and newer suburbs of Sandton. Lonehill is a secure suburb and the community is very security conscious.

Lonehill gets its name from the secluded kopjie around which the suburb is built. This kopjie covers about 8 hectares and much of it has been taken over by housing developments. It is open to the public over weekends and there are three Iron Age furnaces which were excavated in the 1960's. A large mound of square granite blocks are evidence of an abandoned government quarry at the foot of the Lonehill kopjie.

The solitary Lonehill koppie is one of very few hills in this part of Johannesburg, 28 kilometres from the city centre. Solitary it might stand, but it is a very pretty koppie surrounded by rocky veld and little streams and shrubs within the nature reserve where there are a few walks enjoyed by hikers and those after a space in which to picnic over weekends, especially the stroll down to a little dam known as Lonehill Loch. It is also a fairly remarkable site as three Stone Age furnaces lie in the veld just below the koppie, which were excavated in the 1960s. Interestingly, they were covered up again, post excavation as the funds were not available to develop the site.

From Lonehill's koppie you can scan across the eastern horizon for the Kyalami Castle, known by many as Michael Jackson's castle because of the newsworthiness of the star's interest in the castle as a residence a few years ago. The Arthurian style castle is touted as one of the city's 'true oddities', although it changed hands during 2008 and now belongs to the church of Scientology.

Map of Lonehill

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